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Mental Health Therapist

Counseling / Therapy for Teens

Being a teen is hard.

You just want to be heard and validated. Developmentally, you are exploring independence and trying to understand who you are. This can be especially difficult with social media, stressors at home and school, peer pressure, divorce, etc. You might be picking friends or boyfriends/girlfriends that your parents don’t approve of. Maybe you aren’t even sure who you want to hang around because you’re being pulled in different directions.

You have likely withdrawn from your family in order to hang out more with friends, be at social events, or spend time in your room alone. This new change and interest can cause conflict between you and your parents. The family dynamics begin to shift and it can cause stress in relationships. You struggle to communicate your feelings and needs to your parents, and your parents have a hard time understanding this new you.

My work with you focuses first on building a trusting relationship. We work together to identify any issues or conflicts. We will set goals and work on communication. Therapy will allow you to have a safe space to sort through these big changes and new challenges. Through therapy, you will be able to better communicate your needs and feelings to your parents while having them hear and see you. We will explore your needs and practice having hard conversations. I will push you to get curious about yourself and how you show up in relationships with family and friends.

If your teen is ready for support, reach out for a free 15 minute phone consultation.

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