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Mental Health Therapist

Therapy / Counseling for Women

You are fierce, powerful, and capable.

Maybe you have a hard time believing this about yourself because of people-pleasing tendencies, low self-esteem, or making yourself smaller for others. You might struggle with knowing who you are and allowing yourself to have needs. Romantic and/or friend relationships can be hard to navigate, or not as deep and fulfilling as you would like. Or perhaps work is causing stress and doesn’t fill your cup, and you aren’t sure what to do. You might be in an auto-pilot cycle of mundaneness.

Whether it is work, relationships, or internal conflicts, it all comes back to you! The start of creating powerful change in your life is getting curious about yourself and how you came to be this person. Through therapy, you can start to recognize unhealthy patterns and begin to make changes. Together we will peel back your layers and take a closer look at the why behind your current life choices. Through our work together, you will begin to gain confidence and achieve your goals.

If you have a desire to push yourself outside your comfort zone, grow as a person, and explore new possibilities, it’s time to reach out.

If you're ready to get curious about yourself, reach out for a free 15 minute phone consultation.

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