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In-person & Virtual Counseling in St. Louis, MO

You are fierce, powerful, and capable

As a woman, you might have a hard time believing that statement. You might feel an emptiness inside of you or know that you are made for more. Wanting more out of relationships, work and life, is not asking too much. Our work together will require you to look inward to yourself. Through our therapeutic relationship, you will begin to know and understand yourself better. Let's discover the more, process the emptiness, and find out what you are capable of.

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Becoming a mom changes you

Not only do you feel like a different person as a mom, but you are managing other people and putting their needs before your own. You might not even know what you need anymore. You are enough. As a mom myself, I understand the feeling of being pulled in all directions and getting lost. During your time with me, you will be allowed to be you. We can slow down and take a look at all the parts that make up you and give them the love and attention they deserve.

Being a teen is hard.

You might be feeling like you're going around and around having the same arguments with your parents. They just aren't listening or understanding. You feel disconnected from your family and more connected with your friends. Therapy will give you a safe space to sort through these changes and help you understand what you are feeling and why. My work with you focuses first on building a trusting relationship. Together, we will set goals and work on communication. Working with me will be relaxed, authentic, and productive. You will feel heard and be validated.

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Working with me…

My passion is connecting with people. I am friendly, relatable, and a casual professional.

I love real, deep, and authentic relationships. I create space for others to be vulnerable and feel seen which allows for them to experience internal growth. As a person who has been through challenges myself, I get it. My approach is rooted in sitting with you as you discover. During your time with me, you will feel calm, empowered, and validated.

How it Works

Step 1
Reach out! We will schedule a free 15 minute consultation to find out if we are a good fit.
Step 2
If we are a good fit and you are ready, we will pick a time that works for our schedules to meet each week. I will send you access to the portal to fill out documents and intakes.
Step 3
Intake session - Your first session will allow me to get to know you. I will use the completed intake forms to gather information about you.
Step 4
We will create goals and a treatment plan. You will continue to return each week to do the work.
You can only control yourself, so let's work on you




Life transitions







Family issues

School struggles


Conflict Resolution

Guilt and shame

Outcomes from Therapy

There are so many possibilities when you take time to get curious about yourself. Everyone is different and experiences a variety of outcomes from therapy. Some changes to expect:

  • Feeling more self-aware
  • Staying regulated with others in your life
  • Better understanding of yourself and how your choices impact your life
  • More awareness of your thoughts and daily habits
  • Understanding why you do things
  • Knowing who you are and what you want/need
  • Making more choices that align with who you want to be

If you're ready to rediscover yourself, let's have a free 15 minute phone conversation.

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